Woopra allows you to build lists of customers based on who they are or what they did. By using the platform's filtering technology, you can get a list of essentially any customer group you want.

One of our most requested features has been the ability to export these lists so that users can share them with colleagues, store them in their records, or import them into another tool. With today's update, it is now possible to do this from within the Woopra web app!

To export a list, all you need to do is click the export button in the People View.

Export Customer Lists

If you choose to export in CSV format, the exported list will include any custom visitor data that you have set up in your Schema. For example, if you have set up Schema for username, lifetime value, and account level, this data will be exported with your list. If you want to export the customer's referrer, simply make that a custom visitor data and set it up in your Schema (email us to support@woopra.com if you need help with this).

You may also choose to set up the export as a scheduled task. This will send the CSV file to you on a regular basis.

What Can You Do With It?

Exporting lists of customers is a great way to take action on your data. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with this new feature.

Marketing Automation

With this update, you can send Woopra data to your marketing automation tools. For example, if you want to run a campaign for all customers who have purchased items from both your "Women's Apparel" and "Children's Apparel" product categories, have spent over $600 on your site, and are not using your mobile app, you can use Woopra's advanced segmentation to build the list and then export.

Sales Teams

You can export lists of top prospects to send to your sales team based on their engagement with your site, app, or product. You can also export different lists of prospects for each sales team depending on their area of focus, whether it be a geographic region, a specific product line, or account type.

If you're a SaaS company offering a free trial, you can export a list of high value accounts who are on trial and are very active. This helps your sales team move prospective customers through the onboarding or piloting process.

Support & Customer Success

Slowed product usage is a major sign of churn risk. By exporting a list of accounts who are becoming less engaged with your product, you give your support or customer success teams the opportunity to proactively reach out to these customers and save the account before it's too late.

You could also export the list of customers who have sent more than 2 tickets this week or who received an error after today's product update.


Have any feedback on this new update? Or want to share your plans to use it? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email to support@woopra.com.

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