We’re happy to announce several important updates in Woopra Version 9.0. The most exciting update is the new ability to share your reports with team members! You no longer have to rebuild the same report for every agent. Now, with just a few clicks, you can share any report with team members.

Read on for a more in depth explanation of what’s new in 9.0.

We've Gone Flat

Two months ago, we updated the UI of our websites and docs to a new flat design. Woopra 9.0 reflects the new design direction of the Woopra brand. It is lighter weight and more airy. We're very excited about this direction and we'll continue to migrate our other services to this new UI, including the new iOS and Android apps that we've completely rebuilt from scratch (coming soon).


Permissions Given to Groups, Not Agents

In the past, you could set permissions for Agents with whom you shared your website. We have updated this so that you will now set permissions for “Groups” of Agents, such as “Marketing”, “Product”, “Sales”, etc. You may also put the same Agent in multiple groups (e.g. “All Marketing” and “Conversion Team”).


To migrate users from the old version to 9.0, we’ve created Groups that reflect each of your permission settings. That is, if you had an Agent with permissions “Reports” and “People”, you will see that they are now in a Group with those same permissions. We strongly recommend that you rename these Groups so that they will be easier for you to reference in the future. If you’re an administrator and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us us for assistance.

Share Reports

Now, the most exciting update in version 9.0: The ability to share reports!

To share a report, just click the arrow at the top right and select the Groups you’d like to share with. It’s that simple.


You can share analytics reports, funnel reports, and retention reports with just two clicks.

Have any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to get in touch at support@woopra.com

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