At Woopra, we believe that data consolidation is one of the first steps to building better customer experiences. In light of this, we’re welcoming two new integrations this week to the growing list of Woopra partners in AppConnect: Bellgram and Delighted!

Leverage Phone Call Data in Woopra with Bellgram

How do phone calls impact revenue? How many customers make a call to your team prior to purchasing? Are certain support team members better at handling customer calls than others? Find all of this out, and more, with the Woopra + Bellgram integration!

Bellgram is a cloud-based, intelligent business phone system that brings phone call and text message data into the full suite of digital productivity tools.  With Bellgram, you can setup a powerful phone system for your team in a matter of minutes, complete with an intuitive mobile app enabling employees to work anywhere from any device!

Installing the Woopra + Bellgram integration will automatically begin tracking important phone call events in Woopra including:

  • Calls Made
  • Calls Received
  • Text Messages
  • Notes
  • Transcribed Voicemails


Why is this awesome?

These events will attach to your Woopra customer profiles so that you can instantly see if a customer has tried to reach you via phone, who they spoke to, any notes regarding the call and more!

Leveraging Woopra’s segmentation capabilities, you can build funnels and reports to determine if phone calls impact a user’s likelihood to purchase or churn. Further drilling down to the representative level, allows you to identify employees that are successfully handling support or sales calls and who could use some help!  

Get a Pulse on Customer Health with NPS Data from Delighted in Woopra

DelightedApp.pngDelighted leverages the Net Promoter System (NPS), to seamlessly collect and measure customer feedback. The software delivers a single question survey through email or within your application, allowing customers to quickly rate your product or service with the opportunity to provide more detailed feedback if they choose.

Installing the Delighted integration will bring your Delighted survey responses directly into the Woopra platform. The submissions are tracked as actions on the profile of the user who responded, allowing you to instantly see responses, survey results and any comments or feedback provided.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.44.49 AM.png

Why is this awesome?

With this integration, you can begin to understand and measure how NPS impacts a customer’s retention, repeat purchase, support inquiries and product engagement. You can include NPS on your funnels and reporting to measure the impact over time and trigger personalized messaging to re-engage unhappy customers.

With Woopra’s segmentation capabilities, you can also begin to filter responses based on the customer properties that you’re tracking. For example, I can sort responses by a specific country, payment plan, or referrer source to understand if my enterprise customers are happier than small business, and so on. 

Having NPS and phone call data in your Woopra schema opens up a whole dimension of possibilities for learning about how customers engage with your brand, what a happy customer looks like and how to keep them coming back for more!


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