At Woopra, our mission is to reveal, connect and enlighten people through data. Our AppConnect integrations seamlessly unify data from essential tools and applications, sparing organizations the pain of importing spreadsheets, uploading manual lists or exporting data for omni-channel analysis.

Data enrichment tools have become an increasingly popular way to learn more about the visitors and customers engaging with your brand without forcing them to provide additional information. So, it made perfect sense to partner up with Clearbit, an industry-leading data enrichment tool, for our next AppConnect integration!

Right now, Woopra automatically syncs any visitor data you're tracking and appends this information, in real-time, to the Woopra Customer Profile. This usually includes details such as name, location, email address and so on. But, what about the information you're not collecting? How can you learn more about the people engaging with your brand, without the pain of lengthy forms, surveys or questionnaires?

With the Woopra and Clearbit Enrichment integration, transform any email address into a complete user profile, with the ability to tie more than 85 additional personal and firmographic data points to Woopra Customer Profiles!

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Pull in social media data to understand how engaged users are across social platforms. Look at company industry, size, revenue or technologies to learn about the types of businesses engaging with your product. Choose as many data points as you like to fuel segmentation, analysis and powerful business insights. 

There are hundreds of ways that you can deepen your customer understanding with this integration. Here are a few we wanted to highlight to give you a taste of what's possible!

Generate a Deeper Understanding of Visitors and Customers in Woopra Customer Profiles

Clearbit uses the personal or company email address to identify visitors and customers. Then, searches dozens of data sources in real-time for up-to-date information about that person and their organization.

The moment an email address is sent to Woopra (through a form, subscription, signup event, etc.), Woopra syncs the email with Clearbit and the relevant Customer Profile is instantly enriched!

Let's say you're in marketing and a new visitor downloads an eBook. You might ask for information such as their name, email, phone number and company prior to sharing the content. Using this integration, you'll also be able to see information such as the number of employees at their business, revenue size, location, their role, title and more.

Based on what you learn, you might want to immediately forward the lead to a sales representative or add the person to a drip campaign that targets their role or industry!

What if you're in Customer Success and would like to know more about the person who submitted a support ticket? Enriching their profile with Clearbit data can tell you what technology their company uses, whether they're B2B or B2C, how active they are on social media and the insights go on!

The more you learn about the people engaging with your brand, the more you can offer them support, messaging and an overall experience that is relevant to them.

Strengthen Report and Funnel Analysis with Deeper Segmentation Capabilities

The Clearbit Enrichment integration gives you dozens of additional visitor data properties that can be used in segmentation throughout Woopra.

For example, let's say you've built a Customer Journey Funnel that shows the steps visitors are taking before signing up for your product. Using segmentation, you can identify the industries that are most likely to signup. Or, from which geographical regions your latest landing page is gaining the most traction!

Segment data by:

  • Number of Employees
  • Industry
  • Employee Titles
  • Vertical, Business Model and more!
Check out the below video to see the additional segmentation layers that become available to help you learn about the people engaging with your business!

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Trigger Personalized Messaging in Real-time with Clearbit Data and Live Chat

Live chat is a great way to engage visitors while they're browsing your website and allows you to answer any questions they might have before becoming a customer.

Rather than sending out a generic chat message to all visitors, you can customize the chat message based on their demographics, behaviors or industry. You could also dynamically add their name to give the message an even more personal touch!

Using the Clearbit Enrichment integration, Woopra and a live chat tool such as Drift, you can automate chat messages that engage the right users, with the right message, at the right time!

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Create custom messaging that includes dozens of dynamic fields, powered by Clearbit data. Ask how the weather is in their city, suggest a case study based on what industry they're in, recommend specific documentation based on their title/role and more!

See all of the available dynamic personalization options in Woopra's Triggers and start connecting with your visitors today!


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Getting Started

Not a Clearbit customer? Learn more about the benefits of Clearbit, features and pricing options!

Already a Clearbit customer? Navigate to AppConnect in your Woopra instance and search for Clearbit. Click “Install” to enter your Clearbit credentials and authenticate the integration.

To configure the data points that you'd like to include, simply navigate to “Configuration” and choose the fields that matter most to you! These include essential user data points such as location, employment, gender, bio, full name, role and more! You can also include company data points such as domain, industry, funding, revenue, Alexa Rank, technologies used, location and so on. Once you've selected all applicable fields, click “Apply Configuration” and you're set!





Once configured, all identified users and customers with an email address will automatically have their Woopra Customer Profile enriched with Clearbit data. Leverage this data throughout Woopra reporting and analytics to learn more about who your customers are and how they engage with your brand!


Coming Soon: The upcoming Clearbit Reveal integration will allow you to map anonymous website traffic into full company profiles! See who is browsing your website before they've identified themselves and leverage this data to fuel behavioral-based retargeting, analytics and personalization.

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