It’s that time again! We’re proud to release our most recent AppConnect integrations: Pardot, a B2B marketing automation platform, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, a CRM solution for sales and customer success teams.

Here at Woopra, we never stop thinking about how we can consolidate and centralize customer data across industry-leading tools and platforms. So, we’ve made it our top priority to integrate with best-in-class solutions for seamless integration in AppConnect. We have many more in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates!

The Pardot Integration

The Pardot AppConnect integration empowers you and your team to use Woopra’s powerful customer segmentation to populate email marketing lists in Pardot. As a SaaS company, for example, you might want to create a list of users who have engaged with your product at least 50 times within the last 30 days. Using our integration with Pardot, you could send out a promotional email campaign to this list to drive upsell opportunities.  

After your email campaign is sent, you’ll be able to see how your campaign is performing directly within Woopra. The Pardot App will automatically synchronize Pardot event and prospect data, seamlessly integrating it into Woopra customer profiles. You can easily monitor email lifecycle events such as when customers are sent an email, when they open it or click a link, and then which actions they perform on your website after arriving from that email campaign. You can drill even further and start building your email upsell campaign funnels to see conversion metrics, identify drop-off points and A/B testing problem areas.

Pardot ScreenShot.png


What Makes This Integration Awesome:

  • Laser-focus segmentation capabilities coupled with Pardot email automation allows you to engage with the right users, at the right time.
  • Woopra and Pardot data synchronization lets you see the whole customer journey, beyond email life-cycle events, within one profile.
  • E-mail conversion funnels empower you to identify and improve on your weaknesses and streamline the conversion process.

The Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s enterprise-grade CRM solution.  This integration keeps your Dynamics contacts and Woopra Profiles in sync. For example, when a lead signs up for a demo on your website or subscribes to a newsletter, this information can be automatically synced to Microsoft Dynamics. This will populate the prospect or contact record with visitor demographic and firmographic data such as first and last name, e-mail address, company information and more.

We’re working on adding more great features to our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration such as the ability to push lead information from Microsoft Dynamics into Woopra, or to qualify leads based on engagement data with your product.


Shoot us an email at to vote for the next feature you would like to see in our existing integrations or to request a new AppConnect integration!

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