The average business uses 36 different data gathering tools for marketing efforts alone. By uniting this data within a single platform, marketers can create an unparalleled customer experience. Learn more in Woopra’s latest eBook, “Solving the Cross-Channel Dilemma.” 

A complete guide to tracking customer engagement across all channels


Solving the Cross-Channel Dilemma

  1. SOLVING THE CROSS-CHANNEL DILEMMA A complete guide to tracking customer engagement across all channels
  2. The average business uses 36 different data gathering tools for marketing efforts alone. Forbes Insights “ 
  3. The engagement data across all of these channels is primarily isolated. How are you connecting these touch points?
  4. Each tool you use likely has its own Analytics Suite
  5. While that’s great, it only tells you how that specific tool is performing... Not how your marketing is performing as a whole.
  6. “Companies that put data at the center of the marketing decisions improve their marketing ROI by 20%. McKinsey Study 
  7. PROBLEM Siloed data fails to deliver the big picture or tell the whole story. The data from one tool cannot be leveraged in another.
  8. “A lack of analytics tools and repressive data silos lead companies to ignore 88% of their customer data. Forrester 
  9. Integration tools are designed to pull in data on a schedule, rather than in real-time. This makes the data far less useful for marketing efforts.
  10. “Dirty data, or poor data quality, costs U.S. businesses $600 billion annually. Data Warehousing Institute 
  11. For example, if you want to target website content to a customer based on their behaviour, even a 10 second delay may be too late.
  12. Customer data is a largely untapped resource for companies today, especially as brands race to create the next best user experience.
  13. “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
  14. What if you could unite all of this data? What would that look like?
  15. Introducing… Every touch point, all channels, one platform
  16. Analytics and activity from your website, application, email, live chat, SMS, support and CRM - unified Integrate and Consolidate All of your data consolidated in a central hub delivering one source of truth
  17. Mobile App A/B Testing Advertising Help Desk Apps DMP SMS Surveys EmailWebsite CRM Chat Phone
  18. AppConnect Integrates with the tools you already use to sync your data in real-time
  19. Visualize and Optimize See universal customer profiles, what engagement looks like, where visitors drop out of the funnel and what campaigns drive the most revenue over time Monitor trends, identify areas for improvement and optimize touch points for increased conversion
  20. Analyze the full journey of every user along with their engagement, needs and behaviour.
  21. Understand where customers drop off on the path to conversion and optimize ineffective campaigns
  22. Know what makes a customer successful, highlight upsell opportunities and engage customers at risk of churning
  23. Identify what marketing efforts deliver the best results and optimize weak or confusing touch points
  24. Engage and Empower Take action on your insights. Automate enrolment in drip campaigns based on activity, trigger personalized messaging to targeted segments, customize the customer experience and communicate the right message at the right time. Harness insights to empower your organization to make better informed decisions.
  25. Leverage your data to create seamlessly personalized experiences 
  26. Know what channels and devices drive success
  27. Understand product and feature engagement
  28. Engage Customers with Custom Triggered Events and Actions
  29. All in all, the foundation to provide an exceptional customer experience - powered by data.
  30. “The most powerful data you have is something you are sitting on that nobody else has. Martin Kihn Gartner Research Director 
  31. READY LEARN MORE? Take us for a spin! Try Woopra for free. No credit cards. No obligations. Get Started




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