Articles on Analytics for SaaS

Why We Built a Customizable Woopra Schema

Elle Morgan   |     03, Apr 2017

Best Practices for Custom Event Collection: Getting Started ...

Elle Morgan   |     24, Mar 2017

Attention eCommerce! Shopify Now Available in Woopra AppConn...

Elle Morgan   |     21, Mar 2017

How to Leverage Funnel Analytics to See the World as Your Cu...

Elle Morgan   |     20, Mar 2017

Supercharge Google AdWords with Behavioral Data in Woopra

Elle Morgan   |     14, Feb 2017

What are UTM Parameters and How Should You Use Them?

Elle Morgan   |     02, Feb 2017

Segment + Woopra - A Match Made in Data Heaven

Elle Morgan   |     05, Dec 2016

Turning Insight into Action: The Quest for a Data-Driven Cul...

Elle Morgan   |     01, Dec 2016

Applying the Data Glue: The Quest for a Data-Driven Culture

Elle Morgan   |     04, Oct 2016

You’ve got Mailgun! Introducing Mailgun in Woopra AppConnect

Elle Morgan   |     13, Sep 2016

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