Articles on Analytics for SaaS

Supercharge Google AdWords with Behavioral Data in Woopra

Elle Morgan   |     14, Feb 2017

Applying the Data Glue: The Quest for a Data-Driven Culture

Elle Morgan   |     04, Oct 2016

You’ve got Mailgun! Introducing Mailgun in Woopra AppConnect

Elle Morgan   |     13, Sep 2016

Calling all Data: The Quest for a Data-Driven Culture

Elle Morgan   |     12, Sep 2016

Tutorial: Increase Your Email Campaign Conversion Rates Usin...

Nathan   |     05, Nov 2015

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego: How to Engage Custom...

Woopra Team   |     16, Apr 2015

How To Track and Measure Adwords Success

Natalie Issa   |     18, Apr 2014

Finding Your Best Customers

Natalie Issa   |     13, Feb 2014

Spotting Online Buying Signals

Natalie Issa   |     30, Jan 2014

Schema Event Templates Now Support Markdown

Billy Vong   |     21, Aug 2013

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