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We’re proud to welcome Drift to our growing suite of Woopra AppConnect integration partners. Drift is a messaging application that makes it easy for marketing and sales teams to chat with website prospects, boost conversions and maintain customer happiness.

With this integration, Woopra users can analyze essential Drift engagement data, without ever leaving the Woopra platform. You can also begin to trigger highly targeted messaging using any combination of demographic, technographic, firmographic and behavioral data housed within Woopra. 

By installing the one-click integration, you can begin tracking Drift events such as when users:

  • Start a Drift Conversation
  • Send or Receive a Drift Chat Message


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Why is this awesome?

With chat data integrated, you can measure and analyze the effectiveness of chat efforts across funnels and reporting. For example, you could create a funnel to see if users that engage with a Drift chat are more or less likely to convert into paying customers.


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You could also send targeted drift messages to users based on their behavior across your site or product. For example, you could trigger a Drift message to all unidentified visitors on your website who are browsing your pricing page for more than 30 seconds.

Furthermore, you could promote certain product feature usage or announcements. For example, using Woopra, you can track if users have engaged with features within your product. You could then use Drift to trigger a message to users who have come back to your website but haven’t engaged with a certain feature.

From here, you could build a funnel to see if people who received a feature promotion message, came back and used it! 

With data enrichment tools, you could also personalize welcome messaging based on a users IP address. For example, tools like Clearbit allow you to map an IP address to a company name, if one exists. In doing so, you can personalize website introductions with messaging that includes their company name, such as, "Hey Elle! Can we help Woopra answer any questions?" 

For an eCommerce company, you might want to trigger a message to users who've placed an item in their cart but didn’t complete a purchase. Or, make a product recommendation based on browsing behavior!

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There are dozens of use cases for leveraging chat data throughout Woopra! To begin using the Drift integration, navigate to AppConnect in Woopra and click “Install.”


Have questions? Need help? Let us know by reaching out to support@woopra.com.

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